Kevin Marples of BlueGovTech

Jason Altshuler, CEO
My Electric Home
Thrive Centennial

THRIVE: What is your business?

JASON: At My Electric Home, we are pioneers in home electrification, specializing in the installation of modern, efficient electrical systems and appliances. Our services are designed to enhance the comfort, safety, and energy efficiency of your home, resulting in noticeable monthly savings compared to traditional gas alternatives. Additionally, we navigate you through the maze of available rebates and incentives to reduce your initial investment costs.

Many homeowners are surprised to learn that while gas heating for water can cost about $25-$30 a month, switching to an electric system could lower this expense to roughly $10-$15 monthly. Over the lifespan of a typical water heater (120 to 180 months), these savings not only contribute significantly to your pocket but can essentially offset the cost of the investment.

What sets My Electric Home apart is our comprehensive approach to electrification. Whether you’re starting with a water heater upgrade or an EV charger installation, we’re equipped to transform your entire home into an energy-efficient haven. Just ask one of our recent clients, Jason Barrons, who’s on track to cut his project costs by 50% by switching to electric solutions across the board with our assistance. My Electric Home is not just about individual projects; it’s about holistic home electrification that pays dividends.

THRIVE: How long have you been in business?

JASON: 2 years

THRIVE: Where did the idea come from to create your business?

JASON: I noticed there was a need for a subject mater expert and company that could help homeowners navigate the home electrification process.

THRIVE: What was your biggest success in 2023?

JASON: Our most exhilarating triumph in 2023 was achieving Tesla Powerwall Certification, a milestone that places us among a select group of experts capable of empowering homes with cutting-edge energy solutions. This accomplishment was further enhanced by our inclusion in esteemed programs and listings such as RENU, Xcel Trade Partner, and the Denver CARe rebate programs.

A standout achievement was processing approximately $60,000 in Denver CARe rebates, signifying substantial savings for those who chose My Electric Home over non-registered contractors. This benefit is part of what we like to call the “rebate trifecta” available to Denver residents—comprising federal incentives, exclusive Xcel customer rebates, and additional savings for Denver locals. Together, these can slash the total cost by 50% or more, making sustainable energy solutions more accessible and affordable. It’s been an incredible journey to not only advance in our field but also to bring such significant financial benefits to our community.

THRIVE: What recent challenge did you face?

JASON: A significant hurdle we navigated was adapting to the new Colorado State heat pump tax credits set for 2024 installations. This initiative introduced a layer of complexity with extra forms and applications, not to mention the financial strategy needed to manage and meticulously document all heat pump installations over a 12-15 month period prior to reimbursement submission. I’m thrilled to announce that we’ve successfully met all requirements and are now officially recognized on the state website as an authorized installer.

THRIVE: What’s your favorite quote that would inspire other entrepreneurs and business leaders for 2024?

JASON: “Will it be difficult, yes… Will it be challenging, yes… Will it be worth it, yes. Anytime you are doing something that is changing the course of the norm, and pushing out of comfort zones – it will be hard, but you can and will do it. Don’t give up.”