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Thrive Workplace Launches New Division to Supercharge Member Business Operations
Running a Company is Difficult, For Members it Just Got Easier

January 2, 2024- Denver, CO – Thrive Workplace is the perfect match for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small to medium-sized businesses seeking a harmonious blend of value, community, and quality in a coworking space. It offers more than just the basics at a reasonable price, its team extends its support to yours, offering unmatched customer service in a community-rich environment where being a member opens doors to unparalleled opportunities and growth.

At Thrive Workplace, they understand that the entrepreneurial path is rewarding yet challenging. It’s with great excitement that they announce the introduction of their Services Division, designed to ease the burdens of daily business tasks for their members, allowing them to focus on driving growth and maximizing productivity.

In an era where every moment counts, Thrive’s new Services Division is a game-changer for its members. The suite of services tackles the essential yet time-consuming tasks that often distract from high-ROI activities. Members now have access to administrative support, virtual assistance, marketing, bookkeeping, human resources, and executive coaching.

Erin Beckstein, Executive Director of Thrive Services, emphasizes the value of this initiative: “Our mission is to support our members not just with space but with services that propel their success. We’re here to take on the heavy lifting of everyday operations, enabling our members to channel their efforts into what truly matters – growing their business and achieving their vision.”

Engaging with the Services Division is a seamless experience. Members are invited to consult with the Thrive Services team to identify areas where support can make the biggest impact, and then choose from flexible service packages. To discover the full range of services and begin your journey towards operational excellence, visit: Members can also easily purchase service hours through the member app’s shop section.


About Thrive Workplace

Founded in 2010 by Charlie and Chad Johnson, Thrive Workplace is a family-owned coworking and office community in Denver, Colorado, that challenges the traditional workspace model. Born from a vision to create a collaborative, open environment, Thrive has expanded to four locations, offering customizable office solutions for a diverse range of clients, from Fortune 500 companies to freelancers. Emphasizing a community-driven, member-centric approach, Thrive’s spaces combine modern professionalism with the warmth of a welcoming community, providing executive offices, collaborative work areas, and versatile event spaces, all underpinned by a commitment to exceptional customer service and relationship-building.

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For more information about Thrive Services, please contact:

Erin Beckstein, Executive Director
Thrive Services
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