Kevin Marples of BlueGovTech

Kevin Marples, CEO
Thrive West Arvada

THRIVE: What is your business?

KEVIN: BlueGovTech provides IT Consulting and Project Management Services, specializing in supporting public safety agencies and local government entities. With a deep commitment to enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of business operations, BlueGovTech empowers organizations by leveraging technology solutions and providing expert guidance.

Our Why – Public safety agencies deserve a level of service that is as dedicated to their success as they are to providing essential services to the communities they serve.

THRIVE: How long have you been in business?

KEVIN: It will be 2 years on March 1, 2024.

THRIVE: Where did the idea come from to create your business?

KEVIN: I spent 11 working in law enforcement in Boulder, serving in various roles including: Patrol Officer, SWAT Crisis Negotiator, Training Officer, and Detective. While in these roles I was always searching out ways to better utilize technology to increase communication and better serve the staff I was working with. This eventually led me to finishing my degree in Information Technology and leaving behind my badge and gun for a keyboard and mouse. In the Summer of 2021, I was selected as an IT Applications Senior Administrator and tasked with rebuilding the internal IT section of the Boulder Police Department. After 8-months, I had accomplished much of what I set out to do in that role and was looking for a new opportunity to continue my passion of technology. This led to me starting BlueGovTech in March of 2022 and I have been very fortunate to have seen great growth of the company and in January we doubled the size of the team and now 4 members.

THRIVE: What was your biggest success in 2023?

KEVIN: Our biggest success in 2023 was definitely the overall growth of the company and our quick expansion with work being completed with the City of Fort Collins. We went from assisting on a single project to now multiple projects spanning across every department in the City.

THRIVE: What recent challenge did you face?

KEVIN: One of our most recent challenges has been trying to manage growth and the number of projects we’re accepting. We are at a point where we needed assistance for a short amount of time on certain deliverables, but this did not justify hiring another full-time employee. I have to say Thrive launching Professional Services could not have happened at a better time for us. The week the email was sent out announcing these services I was able to contact Thrive, and they immediately started searching for a developer who could assist us. We had a very specific request and within weeks we had an awesome team of developers at our disposal to utilize and deliver on a much-needed project.

THRIVE: What’s your favorite quote that would inspire other entrepreneurs and business leaders for 2024?

KEVIN: “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” – Wayne Gretzky.