Thrive’s January Member Spotlight is Tom Gunnison, a member at Thrive Ballpark! We connected with Tom to ask about his experience with Thrive thus far and what he likes to do around town. If you see Tom around the work space, be sure to say hello!

Q:How long have you been working at Thrive?

A: Broadmark Real Estate Management has been at Thrive since November 2017.

Q: How does Thrive Workplace help your business Thrive?

A: It allows us to work in a professional space together and collaborate when necessary. It’s a central location for our employees.

Q: What are your favorite amenities at Thrive?

A: Coffee bar, snacks and kegs.

Q: What three words would you use to describe Thrive?

A: Convenient, accommodating and professional.

Q: Tell us about your company.

A: We manage a private real estate lending fund that specializes in construction and development lending. We lend in Colorado, Utah, Texas and Wyoming.

Q: What sets you apart from your competition?

A: Our personal relationships with our borrowers and our efficient processes. All borrowers have the ability to contact us when they need to immediately resolve issues and know that we move fast.

Q: How many employees does your company have working at Thrive?

A: Four.

Q: Why did you choose Thrive over other coworking spaces in Denver?

A: Thrive was able to accommodate our needs without a hassle. The management listened and responded, others made it much more complicated.

Q: What do you enjoy doing around Denver?

A: Skiing, biking, playing with my dog.