At Thrive Workplace, we strive every day to cultivate and maintain a lively, welcoming and innovative atmosphere that each and every one of our unique members plays a vital role in maintaining. In an effort to encourage collaboration between members, we are showcasing our vast array of “Thrivers” and highlighting some of the forward-thinking, innovative things they are working on.

This month, we are featuring Simon Tolbert of Mountain States Energy Attorneys & Advisors, PLLC, who recently went through a rebranding initiative and is now Tolbert Law Office, PLLC. If you see Simon around the workspace, come say hello!

simonQ: How long have you been working at Thrive?

A: I began working out of Thrive in June 2015.

Q: How does Thrive help your business?

A: Working at Thrive is significant because the price structure gives me the flexibility to help grow with my industry’s business cycle. Most of my clients are downtown and having a presence here allows me to make a quick visits, while reducing overhead. 

Q: Can you give us an overview of your practice and how you are expanding?

A: Mountain States Energy Attorneys & Advisors, PLLC was opened as a boutique oil and gas law firm but, in September 2016, we registered the trade name Tolbert Law Office, PLLC. We did this in an effort to adapt to the changing oil marketplace. When the firm was founded, oil was trading around $90-$95 per barrel but, in August 2016, it was trading at a little less than half of that. The form and structure of the firm remains unchanged, as is our dedication to providing exceptional legal services to our clients in the oil and gas industry. We feel confident that these new practice areas complement our core focus on oil and gas law and they will positively impact the overall quality of our title opinion work product in Colorado and other oil and gas producing states.

Q: What sets your practice apart from others for your clients and potential clients?

A: A value-based billing structure, customer service and efficient results for clients.

Q: How long have you been in business?

A: Mountain States Energy Attorneys & Advisors, PLLC began operating in September 2014.

Q: What are your favorite amenities at Thrive?

A: Having 24-hour access to the building is nice. So is having several types of beer and kombucha available on tap! 

Q: Why did you choose Thrive over other coworking spaces in Denver?

A: The people, including the staff and the other office co-workers. Growing a small business is about networking. Here, a lot of small businesses are actively operating and helping each other out. I have several web developers within arm’s reach. StudioC3, a creative video production company, is right down the hall. I plan to eventually use their expertise to help create a video for my website. 

Q: What do you like doing around Denver?

A: What I like about Denver is that it’s a medium-sized city, with access to a good amount of culture. You have five major sports teams, museums, the Ellie Caulkins Theatre Complex and excellent restaurants and bars, most of which are within walking distance from the Ballpark location.

Q: Is there anything else you’d like to share about yourself, your company, etc.?

A: Mountain States Energy Attorneys & Advisors, PLLC is now doing business under the registered trade name Tolbert Law Office, PLLC. While the firm remains dedicated to providing legal services primarily to the oil and gas industry, it is expanding the scope of its practice to encompass a broader range of litigation and transactional services in the areas of business and commercial law, trusts and estates, real property and tort law. For more information, please visit

At Thrive, we are working to help members continue learning from each other while continuing to foster a welcoming atmosphere of collaboration and innovation. Stay tuned for our next Thrive member spotlight blog!