How many meetings have you had at the office where employees were practically falling asleep, and there was little to no progress? It happens more than we would all like to admit. However, meetings are necessary to make progress on projects or relay important information to the whole staff. By hosting meetings at an offsite space you can get more out of the time spent and walk away feeling inspired and ready to reach your goals.

Find a Spark of Creativity

Doing the same thing in the same space day after day can really hinder your creativity. Whether you are aiming to make some big decisions, promote a good brainstorming session, or provide employees with training, it is important to do so in a space that allows for creative minds to flourish. Being away from the office setting that employees see day after day can give their brain the space to have some incredible ideas! Having a neutral space to think outside the box can make a world of difference. 

Strengthen Connections

Holding a meeting at an offsite location is a great way for coworkers to get to know each other on a deeper level and make new friends. Trying out new meeting techniques or doing team-building activities can bring your team’s collaboration and cohesiveness to the next level. Allowing team members to feel more connected to each other can increase happiness and encourage each individual to contribute more. 

Get Laser Focused

Your everyday office environment is filled with familiarity and distractions. It is easy to go into a meeting, and instead of focusing on the discussion at hand, get distracted by all of the things that must get done as soon as the meeting is over. Not to mention the inevitable interruptions like hearing someone’s phone call next door or random construction going on down the street. Relocating to an offsite meeting space can create a calming, relaxed environment free of the usual busyness of the office. 

Have Some Real Face Time 

Sure, technology is great, and you can Facetime with people, but physically being in the same room can have a much more profound result than videoconferencing or sending an email. When you have an in-person discussion, you pick up on facial expressions, hand gestures, body language, and other subtle nuances that may help team members understand and relate to one another more effectively. 

Utilize New Technology

Maybe your office isn’t up-to-date on the latest technology for presentations. Using a different facility may allow you to have access to better tech than what you have currently. This might give you the ability to get more creative with a presentation. If you are able to make a more engaging presentation, listeners may get more out of it and create more effective use of the meeting time. Sounds like a win-win!

Enjoy the Amenities

Some offsite meeting spaces may have a range of amenities that are geared toward creating a welcoming environment that promotes productivity and creativity. Some spaces may offer complimentary drinks like coffee, tea, kombucha, and even beer. You may have access to other spaces away from the main meeting area for breakout sessions or rooms with whiteboard walls for some serious note-taking and brainstorming. You might find the seating to be more comfortable and in a layout that is conducive to group discussions and collaboration than your usual conference room. 

Show Employees Appreciation

When employees are given an opportunity to participate in a special meeting offsite, they feel like they are appreciated, and their input is valuable. An offsite meeting is a great opportunity to cater a special lunch, acknowledge all of the hard work everyone has put in, and inspire the team to reach for more. When you organize a meeting that is personal and connected to your company values, team members will get a sense of inclusiveness and connection. 

Host Your Next Offsite Meeting at Thrive

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