1. Hub-and-Spoke Model

Gone are the days of long commutes to HQ. Instead bring the office to you – whether that is near home, by your next appointment, or just a change of scenery – there is always a Thrive less than 20-minutes away in the Denver Metro area.

2. Right Size Your Real Estate

Do all employees need to be in the office at the same time? Are you worried about how much square footage you need to grow? These are some of the questions that make Thrive Workplace the solution to where the terms are flexible and the commitment is virtually non-existent. Don’t be afraid to take the leap in getting your workforce back in the office through the flexibility Thrive Workplace has to offer.

3. 3rd Workspace

Let’s face it – at the office you have too many interruptions with people knocking at your door, at home you have too many other thoughts of thing personal thing you need to do. Adding a 3rd Workspace gives you a chance to have a refreshing change of scenery that inspires creativity and boost overall wellbeing when interacting with new faces. Use time in the office only for group collaboration and time at home to be closer with family.

4. Your Needs Are Covered

Unlike traditional institutions where you have to piece to get everything to have an fully operational office, Thrive Workplace takes care of it. From internet to team events and everything in between – it’s included in your monthly dues. Need to scale quickly or for a project? Thrive Services is an extension of your team without the long tedious vetting process of contractors or other their parties – we know you and your business.

5. Increase Employee Retention and Morale

Studies have found that employees prefer the flexibility to split their workday up and what better place to do that than Thrive Workplace? It’s like “going to the office” without “going to the office”.  Switch it up and drop-in to any Thrive Workplace location. Make a new friend, or bounce ideas off other members. The next innovative idea could be a conversation away.