Thrive’s October Member Spotlight is Blake Anneberg, a member at Thrive Cherry Creek! We connected with Blake Anneberg to ask about his experience with Thrive thus far and what he likes to do around town. If you see the Blake Anneberg around the work space, be sure to say hello!

Q: Tell us about your company:

A: I am the founder of a technology and media consulting firm for education technology-focused web, mobile, accessibility, and media assets development.

Q: What sets you apart from your competition:

A: I specialize in education-focused groups and projects and you can learn more about me at Currently, I work with several nonprofits and businesses to assist with technology consultations. I also have a couple of creative side projects including:

• Developing an online course for educators on how to create accessible online courses for dyslexic individuals.
• Founded which is leading the grassroots effort for a Cheyenne-Denver-Pueblo

• Hyperloop corridor. Colorado Hyperloop advanced to the semi-final stage of the international Hyperloop One Global Challenge.

Founder of, the only internet (and soon to be live streamed)
• Interview show of the engineers, executives and thought leaders who are developing the hyperloop concept throughout the world.

Q: How long have you been working at Thrive?

A: I recently returned to my hometown of Denver from Boston, Massachusetts, so I have had the pleasure of working at Thrive for a couple of months.  

Q: How does Thrive Workplace help your business Thrive?

A: I have enjoyed working in coworking spaces around the world. I like that Thrive is a family owned and member-centric environment.  

Q: What are your favorite amenities at Thrive?

A: The sparkling water machine in the Ballpark location and the walk up location in Cherry Creek. I am looking forward to the film studio that will be open soon in Ballpark Thrive.

Q: What three words would you use to describe Thrive?

A: Friendly, diverse and supportive.

Q: Why did you choose Thrive over the other coworking spaces in Denver?

A: Location and friendly coworkers and staff.

Q: What do you enjoy doing around Denver?

A: I am an avid runner and biker and I love the trails that connect parks and neighborhoods.