Thrive Workspace is sad to announce that today is the last day our dedicated community and business development manager, Jen Anderson, will be with us. Jen has worked hard to establish an atmosphere that feels less like a coworking community and more like a family over the past year and a half, and we she will be missed! Jen is still staying in the coworking family and has accepted a client success role for a startup software company that creates software for coworking spaces. We feel confident her learnings and time at Thrive will contribute to her success in the this new sales and management role.

Jenheadshot“Thrive gave me the freedom to create within my job and I was able to help shape my position and better myself professionally,” said Jen Anderson. “My skills of adaptability have been sharpened and my knowledge of processes and systems of how a business works have really developed throughout my time at Thrive. That makes me more prepared for my next role in the industry.”

When asked what she will miss the most, Jen chimed “the members!”

“It has been my absolutely pleasure to get to know so many amazing people during my time with Thrive!,” continued Anderson.

Please stop by the front desk today to wish Jen best of luck in her new venture and thank her for her dedicated work the past year and a half! Jen will also be back at Thrive on Wednesday, August 31 for the Thrive member BBQ so you can connect with her then.