Thrive is diligently focused on making everyone feel safe and comfortable coming back to work. We are all in this together in navigating the future of the workplace.

What We Will Continue to Do:

  • Support our members
  • Have staff available for anything you need on-site
  • Clean high-touch surfaces and common areas hourly
  • Provide one-time use, disposable gloves for coffee and water dispensing.

Additional Measures Being Implemented:

  • Thrive is proactively requesting that members wear face coverings when in common areas and restrooms
  • Removal of all reusable glassware, flatware, and plates/bowls and will ONLY be providing paper and plastic cups to help prevent spread through contact. Please be prepared to bring your own at this time.
  • Expand and spread out the Mobile areas
  • Adding visual signage to encourage social distancing

Continuous Improvement:

As one of our Core Values, we are taking member’s input on what we can offer in the next 90-days to drive success in their business as the landscape continues to change by the day. We are also anticipating and evaluating any new data that comes in to take appropriate measures in maintaining the best workplace for your business.


Should you have any questions or suggestions – please Contact Us