Joining a coworking space can be a game-changer when it comes to your work productivity! But many people who have never worked at one before might be wondering with its like. Please keep reading to learn a little bit about what it’s like to join a coworking space. 


Find A Creative Spark


When and where we work can affect our creativity and productivity. If you’re always working from home or at the same coffee shop, you can start to feel burnt out pretty quickly. Joining a coworking space will allow you to work in a place designed for people looking to get work done, but not be bored while they do it. Having a place to go with good lighting, modern amenities, and a community of people who are all looking to be productive and creative can really make a difference.


Get More Flexibility


When you work from a coworking space, sometimes referred to as a “flexspace”, you get just that, flexibility. Many coworking spaces have multiple office locations and allow you to choose which one you’d like to use on any given day. Maybe one day you need to be downtown to take several meetings, but on another, you’d rather be somewhere that has a more calm atmosphere so you can really get some work done. Also, most coworking spaces have longer hours or allow you to have access to the building 24/7 with a keycard or building code. This is particularly appealing to the millennial generation, which thrives on freedom and flexibility and is currently reshaping the workplace.  


Don’t Get Tied Down


Many coworking spaces allow you to try out their facility for a day and sometimes even a longer trial period. This way, you can do a little bit of trial and error to find the right location, environment, and community that best suits your needs. Once you are feeling ready to commit, a large percentage of coworking spaces won’t lock you into a yearly contract as a traditional lease would. Instead, many will let you rent space month-to-month; that way, if your circumstances change over time, you can make a change without breaking a lease. 


Gain A Community


One of the many benefits of joining a coworking space is you have a built-in community. Even if you are a solo-preneur or an entrepreneur who has a new startup with one or two employees, you can still get the comradery as if you were in a bigger office building. You may find yourself working alongside accountants, lawyers, architects, marketing firms, and more. Within that community, there are ample opportunities to build close relationships with other working professionals. Perhaps you are looking for a mentor that you can go to for business advice. Maybe your startup is ready to make another hire. Whatever it is you’re looking for, a coworking space can be an excellent talent pool to choose from. 


Make More Sales


One of the many reasons people are drawn to coworking spaces is for the networking opportunities that are within those very walls. When you work around other businesses, there are more chances to collaborate or sell your services. Let’s say you are a designer, and you get along well with a developer who works near your desk. The chances of either of you referring business to the other are higher than if you were still working from home every day. Additionally, having access to meeting rooms and a professional environment to hold meetings makes you appear more legitimate and increases your likelihood of closing a deal. 


Learn to Share


Sharing a common workspace with other working professionals comes with a set of rules, either written or unspoken. Each individual coworking space will likely have a general set of office rules, but here are some others to remember. 


  • Keep your volume down – Use headphones if you want to listen to music and take lengthy phone calls in designated areas. 
  • Contain your messes – Cleaning up after yourself is important when you are sharing a workspace. Keep your things organized and contained in your personal space. Oh, and if you’re going to eat at your desk, clean that up too. 
  • Respect others’ privacy – When working in a more open space, it can be easy to see what someone else is looking at on their computer screen. Try not to sneak up on people and avoid being too nosy. 
  • Be kind and friendly – The mood of one can affect the mood of many. If you’re having a bad day, try not to take it out of any innocent bystanders. Maintaining a polite and kind attitude will get you a lot further when it comes to networking, too!


Find Our For Yourself


If you’d like to experience what it’s like to join a coworking space, it is absolutely worth trying it out! You may find that you thrive in a community environment!


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