We are not corporate for a reason.

Why spend your time in a cookie cutter coworking space with an institutional feel and a “Rent’s due Monday” mentality? Life’s too short and your business is too important. That’s why our packages are customized just for you, in order to fit your needs.  We find out what you require in order to do great work. What makes you tick? We want to know so we can find the best membership options to suit your business needs.

thrive production studio

Results-driven Workspace

We know it’s not about the 9-5. It’s not about sitting in at a desk for a defined number of hours per week. It’s about the results. Getting the job done to the best of your abilities. That’s why we pride ourselves on providing a results-driven workspace with flexible pricing and packages to fit your needs.

Need more conference room time and less printing? You got it. Need customized office space? No problem. At Thrive, there’s no hassle or long-term contracts required. Feel free to go month-to-month. It’s part of our custom fit, made-to-measure approach to coworking.

It’s good to be happy and enjoy coming to work.

At Thrive, we pride ourselves on being relationship builders. Need an introduction? Just ask. We like making our members happy. And happy members tend to make their own customers happy. We think that makes the world a better place to live in—and it also makes our members’ businesses more successful. It’s good to be happy and enjoy coming to work.

Tired of camping out in coffee shops or working from home? We were too. That’s why we set out to create the ideal work environment back in 2011 when we founded Thrive. Thrive is a warm, collaborative, thoughtful and accepting atmosphere designed with you in mind.

Always Improving

There are always opportunities to improve. That’s why continuous improvement is one of the cornerstones of Thrive Workplace. We listen to our members and work to continue to improve our spaces and community. We reuse and repurpose materials in order to be environmentally conscious and keep costs down. Handling change, being flexible, and having the ability to provide customizable solutions for our members is part of what makes us Thrive.

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