Thrive’s April Member Spotlight is Worboys Design, a creative design studio and member at Thrive Cherry Creek. We connected with Worboys to ask about their experience with Thrive thus far and what they like to do around town. If you see the Worboys design team around the work space, be sure to say hello!

Q: How long have you been working at Thrive?

A: Almost 4 years!

Q: How does Thrive Workplace help your business Thrive?

A: Working at Thrive, we’ve had several opportunities to collaborate with both the Thrive team and other members, working on branding, design and custom artwork projects which has helped grow our portfolio, client base and skillset. We’ve also developed long term partnerships with other small business within the space to help our own internal business functions. Plus, we love seeing our custom murals around both Thrive locations, it’s what motivates us to keep on thriving!

Q: What are your favorite amenities at Thrive?

A: Thrive certainly cultivates a community where you want to support each other as much as you can. The relationships we’ve developed with other members goes far beyond business and we cherish the ability to help them in their current and new endeavors. There is a lot of beautiful, philanthropic work coming out of the space (which, as a team we have a huge heart for!) and luckily, there are creative and branding needs with every company, so there is always that potential to help. Last month, we were so grateful to have the technology expert, Ryan from Creative Minds Technologies, come into our office to help with some computer issues that were causing significant inefficiencies in our process. In turn, we look forward to the opportunities to help organically market his services traditionally or via social media.

We have also really grown to love the Thrive on Thursday events hosted every month. Through these events, we have also had the opportunity to promote some of our clients and the branding work we’ve done for them. Adrienne Partridge, an awesome and very talented Leadership + Career Coach, hosted a free 30 minute session and our kick butt, personal trainer, Danielle founder of MOVMNT Fitness, hosted an hour long training session. We love that Thrive is flexible and the dynamic use of the space. We don’t know what we would do without the various conference rooms at Thrive, which we use every week for our workouts with MOVMNT Fitness – these classes are open to all Thrive members – we’d love to workout as a group!

Q: What three words would you use to describe Thrive?

A: Accommodating, Resourceful, Energetic

Q: Tell us about your company.

A: Worboys Design has been in business for 10 years (!!!) and focuses on defining, growing and renewing brands in the real estate development, lifestyle and nonprofit industries with informed strategies and inspired designs. If you’re looking for a long-term partner or just in need of some creative guidance, we’re here to help.

Led by skillful pros in design direction and brand management, Worboys Design has everything you need to share your story with the world: a collective of talent, custom design packages and a clear design process. We live for the candid conversations and we listen hard to find out what gets you excited. Then we turn that energy into thoughtful, beautiful solutions that your brand can be proud of.

Q: What sets you apart from your competition?

A: We’re a boutique firm and we’ve evolved from the traditional agency model into a highly productive and nimble crew of strategists, designers, writers and developers. We hand-pick the best team for each project need, from trusted and long term partners, to support our ridiculously talented team (says founder, Meg de Windt – like a proud parent!) to do more, with less, so we can adapt to businesses and budgets of any size. And we’ve found our niche in thriving communities, building strong bonds between motivated people, unique spaces and big ideas—with stunningly real results. We’ve worked with most of our clients for years, and that’s what makes this fun and gives us the ability to get genuinely excited about their growth. To get to be a part of that is incredible.

It also goes without saying that it’s this team. Megan, our Brand Director, wears so many hats with us and wears them well. She’s a perfectionist, in the very best way, and brings a skill set like no other. Her ability to create bigger picture concepts, coupled with her business mind, makes her invaluable to this team. Chelsea’s title is “Graphic Designer” but it may as well be “Designer, Account Manager, Project Manager, Muralist, Artist (I can go on)”. She also brings a huge range in skills to the team. Her background in fine art, shows in her refined, sophisticated, but also a touch edgy aesthetic. Ashley is our newest team member and she jumped in and rounded out the strongest team we’ve ever had. She is the highly creative, highly proactive, self starter that agencies dream of. She brings a talent level and design eye that is on the same level as the rest of the team and the bar was set high!

Q: How many employees does your company have working at Thrive?

A: 4 employees  

Q: Why did you choose Thrive over other coworking spaces in Denver?

A: The initial benefit for all of us at Worboys Design was the location. We very quickly made Cherry Creek and the growing neighborhood amenities, our little bubble. To be honest, we’ve looked at the more traditional office space around the area and never made a move. There’s something about Thrive that is special. It’s mostly Chad, Charlie, Alex, Amy and the rest of the Thrive team. We really align with their bootstrap mentality and entrepreneurial spirits. The team is so friendly, warm and inviting we feel as though we’re right at home at our office here at Thrive Cherry Creek.  

Q: What do you enjoy doing around Denver?

A: Exploring the never-ending abundance of new, trendy restaurants in town. We LOVE food, we LOVE branding and the Denver restaurant scene knows how to do it right! Our team has moved here from San Francisco, Austin, Miami and Harrisburg and collectively love heading out to the mountains on the weekends to take in the beauty and fresh air. There’s no shortage of new neighborhoods and places to explore around Denver and we’re still taking it all in!