Thrive’s January Member Spotlight is Cape Creative, who recently joined Thrive! We connected with Molly Arenberg to ask about her experience with Thrive thus far and what she likes to do around town! If you see Molly around the work space, please join us in welcoming her to the community!

Q: Tell us about your company.

A: At Cape Creative, we tell stories. We are a media production company that amplifies the campaigns of brands and candidates, digs into lesser known stories and issues, and delivers top quality videos at affordable prices. No idea is too big, and no detail is too small. We believe in our clients, and they believe in us.

Q: What sets you apart from your competition?

A: I am a one-stop shop (and one employee shop) that can take a client through the entire production cycle. Often, production companies require hiring multiple people who specialize in one aspect of filmmaking. I have worked to master producing, filming, editing, and voice over so that I can provide videos at the lowest cost possible.

Q: How long have you been working at Thrive?

A: Three months.

Q: How many employees does your company have working at Thrive?

A: Just me. And my patient wife who is a production assistant on some shoots.

Q: How does Thrive Workplace help your business Thrive?

A: Before moving to Thrive, I worked from home. It was hard to stay focused or motivated. Thrive Workplace has helped my business by surrounding me with other hard-working, creative folks. At Thrive, I am more productive and happy.

Q: What are your favorite amenities at Thrive?

A: I just love the layout. It is both welcoming and professional. Introverts and extroverts can both be comfortable in every part of the building. And it is always spotlessly clean, without feeling sanitized/over the top.

Q: What three words would you use to describe Thrive?

A: Welcoming, versatile, and artsy

Q: Why did you choose Thrive over other coworking spaces in Denver?

A: The biggest factor was that Thrive is family-owned, but I also loved the price and location. It was a win-win-win!

Q: What do you enjoy doing around Denver?

A: Watching films (obviously), going on “urban hikes,” reading, and the local food scene.