Thrive Workplace is full of many wonderful members who work in different fields and benefit from our coworking space in a variety of ways. This month we would like to highlight Lars Architects. Lars Architects is a company of architects with seven total employees. Keep reading to learn about why they love working at Thrive.  

How long have you been a member at Thrive, and at which location does your business operate?  

We have been a member now for around two years, and we work exclusively from the Ballpark location.

Why did you choose to work within Thrive?  

It’s family-owned, and they are very responsive to our needs and requests. They have been very accommodating to us, the price and amenities included are very competitive, the owners and their staff are all very friendly, Duncan is a great Site Manager, the location is central for our Denver staff, and the community here is really great. 

How has working within Thrive been beneficial to your business as a whole?  

For us, as architects, the open office area feels very familiar as we are used to collaborating in open spaces with lots of things happening around us.  We really enjoy the stimulation of the open desk areas. We have also received many compliments from others working around us that it’s fun and interesting to hear us collaborating, discussing design, and sketching in the open since most people don’t ever have that exposure to the creative process.  

We’ve also made many wonderful connections with other business owners and their staff members that we’ve tried to either collaborate with, refer business, or win business from, or just go out and have fun with outside of work.  We can also use the various conference rooms for private collaboration, meetings with clients, conference calls, employee evaluations and interviews, and professional development, among other things.

How do the individual employees of your company benefit from working within Thrive? 

Thrive Workplace creates a balanced workspace with a community of friendly and hardworking members. We enjoy the “Thrive on Thursday” events that allow us to get to know the owners better and meet other members.  

What is your favorite thing about working at Thrive?  

My favorite thing about working at Thrive is the people and the community.  They are all really wonderful, and the free beer on tap is a great perk, too!

Want To Learn More?

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