Thrive Workplace is excited to announce our newest partnership which will change the Denver startup landscape. We have partnered with six other organizations including Founder Institute Denver, Rockies Venture Club, Rockies Venture Institute, Rockies Venture Fund, Future Venture Capital Co., Ltd. and FVC Americas to create “The Venture Zone.”

“The Venture Zone” was founded to support and accelerate entrepreneurial growth around the state. “The Venture Zone” is a membership-based program that brings local entrepreneurs, startups and mentors together into one central location. The coworking environment encourages collaboration and opportunities for entrepreneurs struggling with similar problems to bounce ideas off of not only each other but the mentors, educators and other experts affiliated with the program as well.

The workspace provides tools and other assets that an entrepreneur or startup company can draw on in order to function effectively and successfully. From early-stage ideation to an exit path and everything in between, the cutting-edge workspace strives to provide startup companies and entrepreneurs with a supportive community at every stage of innovation and ideation.

Venture economy ecosystems tend to suffer from fragmented resources and inadequate access to information, which forces entrepreneurs to dig through numerous groups offering assistance in order to find the right combination of resources that work for them. Evaluating the available resources can be challenging and time-consuming for entrepreneurs and these resources vary in quality as well, making the process that much more difficult. “The Venture Zone” brings all of those disparate parts, resources, information and expertise together in one place, streamlining the entire process and laying the foundation for an increasingly supportive, vibrant and efficient venture community in Colorado.

Monthly membership to “The Venture Zone” includes a Thrive Workplace desk, access to meeting rooms and office resources as well as a RVC Keystone Membership, which grants members access to RVC conferences, MasterMind Sessions and workshops. Additionally, members receive access to an abundance of resources contained in the seven experienced and talented partner companies.

“The Venture Zone” aims to address the needs of startups throughout their entire life cycle, ultimately giving them a better chance to be successful. Membership packages range from $50/month to $450/month.

In addition to the Thrive Ballpark site (1415 Park Ave. W.), plans for additional locations are already underway for 2017 and beyond. If a welcoming, supportive atmosphere of collaboration, innovation and success sounds right for you or your startup, come join us at “The Venture Zone.” Contact Dave Harris ([email protected]) for an application to the program.