The initial rise in popularity of coworking spaces was due primarily to their use by startups and freelancers. However, these days, the coworking population is made up of an even more diverse group of people and has even reached a global scale. These “offices of the future” have become more than just somewhere for solopreneurs to get work done other than their couch at home. Coworking offices create a sense of fellowship, sustainability, and accessibility for anyone from freelancers to small businesses to large corporations. Keep reading to find out how coworking spaces can benefit the full range of the working community.


Joining a coworking space can be a massive benefit for a freelancer of any kind. Whether you do graphic design, copywriting, marketing, or even film making, a coworking space can bridge the gap between the freedom to work when you want and the perks of being part of an office environment. You gain a community of other hardworking, likeminded people and you may find a cure for that feeling of isolation when you’re always working from a coffee shop. Not to mention, the potential for meeting new clients is much higher when you’re not working from your living room in pajamas.


For a company that is in the beginning stages, much of the groundwork may already be laid from a home office, garage, or basement. Many of the most successful tech startups have begun this way (like Apple computers). However, at a certain point, it becomes time to seek another work environment. This shift may be necessary when you’re ready to hire a few employees or need a professional, quiet place to hold meetings with clients. Startups can benefit significantly from relocating to a coworking space. Many places have a variety of options for the kind of space you will be working in, from first-come-first-serve desks in a shared area, to private offices with dedicated desks and a door to display your company logo. There might also be an incredible talent pool to explore, all working in the same building for when you’re ready to grow and make your next hire.

Small Businesses

Small businesses can benefit tremendously from operating out of a coworking space versus an office that requires a lease. Small business owners who choose coworking spaces no longer need to worry about the cost of expected office amenities or calling the internet company when the Wifi goes out. This keeps the focus on productivity and profitability. Many coworking spaces are in high-traffic, centralized business areas where potential clients and customers have easy access to your goods and services, and you become more visible to those that may not know you exist.

Corporate Businesses

Larger businesses have seen benefits from joining in the coworking revolution as well. Relocating employees to a coworking space can decrease the company’s need to purchase or lease more office space, saving them money in the long-term. Many host events like happy hours or networking events that can lead to new business contacts or make a connection to fresh talent that could be utilized by the company in the future. The employees also stand to gain from being placed in a working space. Studies have shown that those who spend their days working from coworking spaces tend to be happier and more productive.

Working at Thrive vs. Traditional Office Leases

In a traditional commercial lease, you and your business get locked into a 3-10 year lease. Once you’ve signed, you’re left to furnish the entire space and provide all amenities to your employees in hopes that they will feel comfortable and productive while at work. This can be quite costly!

When you choose to make your business’s home at one of Thrive Workplace’s locations in the Denver metro and surrounding area, you gain more than just an office space. For starters, all terms are month to month, so you have the freedom and flexibility you need, should your circumstances change. When your clients visit your business at Thrive, they are greeted by our on-staff receptionist, helping them feel comfortable and welcome. Offices come furnished with desks and chairs, and you have access to large conference/training/event rooms as well as a breakroom/kitchen. Some additional perks include coffee, tea, beer and kombucha, copier and printer supplies, IT support, and building security.

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