When Thrive Workplace was founded in 2010, coworking and shared workspaces was a trend that was just starting to catch on. Technology has blurred the line between the office and home, offering more freedom to workers and changing the way companies and employees alike view a traditional office space.Thrive-CC-Lounge-HDR-Edit-3200713423-O.jpg

In 2015, Millennials surpassed Generation X to become the largest workforce in the American market and Millennials’ values, particularly their emphasis on flexible workspace options and distain for traditional, antiquated office spaces, are shaping the future of work and pushing boundaries.

Thrive is proud to be a unique coworking offering for companies and individuals that value convenient, flexible and unique workspace options in the Mile High City. 

Unlike other coworking options, size doesn’t matter at Thrive. From Fortune 500 companies to individual entrepreneurs — and every number of people in between — all sizes are welcome at the Thrive Workplace. We even have the space to accommodate larger groups of employees — as many as 10 people — comfortably.

Whether your company is large or small, all of our members share a friendly and member-centric mentality. Thrive is a family-owned operation — run by brothers Chad and Charlie Johnson — and they treat all of Thrive’s members as if they were part of the family. As brothers and advocates of what they call the “Minnesota nice” attitude, the Johnsons Thrive-CC-Private-Office-2-3200714773-O.jpgaim to cultivate a warm, collaborative, thoughtful and accepting atmosphere for all members.

Thrive genuinely wants its members to “thrive” and succeed, so it offers a number of educational opportunities to companies and entrepreneurs alike. Thrive frequently hosts “Lunch + Learns” as well as other opportunities for members to participate in ongoing education that will allow them to both “thrive” and succeed in the future. The educational opportunities that Thrive allows its members helps foster innovation further allowing members to be successful.

The success of Thrive’s members was on the minds of the Johnsons when they began designing Thrive Workplace. The traditional workspace model — working 9 to 5 in a cubicle — has become antiquated and the brothers wanted to create a workspace that appealed to the future of work. The primary objective when building Thrive was to create a welcoming, vibrant space where people want to stay. Thrive was designed with ample open space, which fosters creativity and allows Thrive members to not only network, but even collaborate in some cases. Thrive also features abundant natural light and warm colors to affect members’ moods, enhance productiimg_1734vity and brighten the work space. Flexibility plays a crucial role in Thrive’s design, as the open floor coworking concept marries into the flexibility of Thrive’s membership packages. Members are able to choose where they sit, where they meet and where they work. All of the interiors and furnishings are flexible and movable in an effort to create the multi-purpose space that Chad and Charlie knew would set Thrive apart from other coworking spaces.

Finally, Thrive Workplace offers a number of fun, social events. Oftentimes, Thrive will host pancake breakfasts, pizza parties, happy hours and other fun events geared at getting members to socialize and network with each other. These fun events encourage not only networking and collaboration, but they also cultivate innovation — something Thrive Workplace strives to foster.

Although we’re admittedly biased, we feel the two Thrive Workplace locations are right for just about anyone. Find out if it is right for you at http://www.thriveworkplace.com/memberships.