2z0a8081-editChad Johnson, one of Thrive Workplace’s co-founders, has been named co-director of the local Denver chapter of the Founder Institute, the world’s premier idea-stage accelerator and startup launch program.

Since its inception in Denver in 2010, Founder Institute has helped launch a number of promising companies throughout the region, including Cipherpoint Software, BlogMutt and several others. The institute’s challenging but effective step-by-step program provides entrepreneurs and startups with the tools they need — structure, mentor support, a global network of entrepreneurs, expert guidance and feedback — to successfully launch a technology company.

Johnson is joined by Mollie Rusher and Rob Rusher, and Thrive will be hosting a series of sessions aimed at entrepreneurs to gauge interest of launching a winter 2016 semester of classes.

Cultivating innovation is at the heart of Thrive Workplace, and Chad and his brother Charlie have worked to create a coworking environment that connects, funds and educates companies as well as entrepreneurs.

Joining Founder Institute Denver and hosting educational seminars at Thrive Workplace is just the latest example of putting innovation and collaboration at the forefront of the Thrive Member experience.

Chad helped design Thrive with members in mind — he truly wants members to “thrive” and succeed. The design’s open space and flexibility is intended to encourage networking, collaboration and creativity.

Founder Institute is hosting their next Informational Session on Oct. 12 at 6:30 p.m. at Thrive’s Ballpark location. Come join us to network, meet the co-directors and learn more about Founder Institute’s accelerators and startup launch educational model.