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Unleashing Your Creativity for Business by Emilie Downs

You may think that creativity is for only a particular segment of the population. Only for artists or writers. Only for a select, talented few. But that isn’t true. Creativity is an innate ability we all possess. Somewhere along the way to adulthood, we often set aside our creative skills in pursuit of a “serious” education or a distinguished career. However, optimizing your creativity can be a life-changing, powerful tool for problem solving in your work and personal life. Successful scientists, CEOs and IT professionals use creativity every day. And so can you. Rediscover your creative genius in this fun, hands-on class. Find out how creativity benefits everyone, how it adds value to your work, builds confidence and makes you better at what you do. Think you’re too “left brained” for the challenge? Join us in this fun workshop where you will build your creative problem-solving skills, whether you believe you are creative or not. Surprise yourself!

You’ll Learn

  • How creativity can help in your personal life
  • How creativity can help you in your profession
  • Why creativity is sought after in business
  • Rediscover your creativity through a hands-on project


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