This past weekend, Thrive Ballpark hosted Fruit Ninja with Scratch, a kids computer workshop hosted by Devoxx4Kids Denver and software developer Melissa McKay. The session introduced attendees to Scratch (, a programming language children can use to create and share interactive media —  stories, games and animation.

Devoxx4Kids is an international organization focused on educating parents to teach their kids and show that it is possible to do something more creative with computers. By organizing sessions where attendees are introduced to electronics, and can develop computer games and program robots, the organization introduces parents and their kids to programming, robotics and engineering in a fun way.

Thrive is happy to host fun and informative events like these and we’re proud to support organizations, like Devoxx4Kids, that make innovation fun! We believe that innovation is crucial and involving these kids at an early age allows them to collaborate with others, develop problem-solving skills and enhance their mathematical foundations through computing and computer science. Giving students opportunities to explore programming and learn coding skills is critical to supporting their academic success, and it allows them to gain the hands-on skills they need to become technology creators and problem-solvers.

Offering 24,000 square feet of flexible work areas in a welcoming, warm and vibrant two-story space, Thrive Ballpark’s various work spaces are equipped with the versatility to meet the diverse needs of Devoxx4Kids sessions. The adaptable layout of our conference rooms offered attendees and organizers of all ages ample space to comfortably explore the myriad features of Scratch and create their own version of the Fruit Ninja game to play and modify as desired.

Equipped with white board walls and a display screen, our meeting rooms were designed to accommodate events like Fruit Ninja with Scratch, “lunch-and-learn” sessions or other meetings. Our space features a variety of flexible options and can adapt to meet the unique needs of disparate groups — young, old, tech-savvy or not.

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